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Hear what our customers are saying about Susie Q's:


          "My daughter and I stopped by on a whim, and it was fabulous. The yogurt was great,

           but the people there really make it special. I can't wait to come back with friends and

           all of our kids."


                               "From the time I stepped in, I knew this was going to be an amazing place

                                and I look forward to coming back a lot with my friends and family. Everything

                                was so good, and I'm glad I tried Frozen Yogurt for the first time here. I will

                                highly recommend to my friends."


"Everything was great, it was very clean, and had a lot of choices to choose from. The style of the place was very unique and appealing; it stood out a lot. The service was amazing, every one who worked there was very nice, and patient. I will highly recommend this place to my friends and family."


                      "Love the decor. Purses were great. Frozen yogurt was very tasty!"


"                                           "The assistance was incredible; from the moment we had the door held

                                              open for us, we knew it would be an amazing place. It definitely was

                                              amazing. The yogurt was great, there were many options to choose from,

                                              the place was well kept, and the workers were really nice as well as

                                              patient. I will highly recommend this place to my friends."


            "Staff and store were great! I wish you the best of luck and can not wait to come in again!"


"Everyone is really nice and helpful. Great atmosphere."